Windham Church of God

Special Notice

The members of one of our church families lost their home and its contents to a fire recently. It was a total loss. Insurance is expected to cover a good portion of the loss, but how that will all work out has yet to be determined. Tom, the homeowner, has started a gofundme page, which you can visit here.  Alternatively, you can give through the WCOG by using the online giving link here. Just select the "Special offerings" fund, and anything that comes in for that fund during the collection period will go to Tom and his family. Please pray that all works out for them and for God's glory!

Living in His presence; Sharing His love.

Welcome to the WCOG!

The Windham Church of God (WCOG) is a local church within the Church of God (COG), Cleveland, Tennessee.  As such, its membership is committed to the Mission and Vision of the COG

As Pentecostal Christians, we are devoted to serving God in spirit and truth. Our Sunday worship service is filled with passion, joy, and the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to worship God with enthusiasm and the joy of the Lord!

WCOG Mission

As a local congregation, the WCOG is committed to the following:

To read what the COG believes, please see our Declaration of Faith.